Imagine Google Maps for Ski Resorts

A ski slope navigator with accurate weather statistics, ski lift wait times, route recommendations, and much more
Ski Slope Navigation

Navigate the Slopes Efficiently: Advanced Route Optimization

Navigate the mountain with confidence using our sophisticated route-finding tool. Select your preferred level of difficulty—easy, medium, or hard—and let our app guide you on the fastest, most optimal route. Gain insight into specific run conditions, including grooming status and weather, allowing you to fully prepare for your descent. Additionally, the app offers personalized route recommendations and real-time chairlift wait times, helping you maximize your time on the snow.

Precision Weather Data: Real-time Resort Updates Worldwide

Stay ahead of the weather with our app’s cutting-edge data capabilities. We utilize extensive open-source data sets, continuously updating from global weather sources for the most accurate information. Integrating data from openskimap, our app delivers precise slope information and map data for ski resorts worldwide. Stay informed with immediate updates on chairlift and run closures, ensuring you have all the information you need for a safe and enjoyable ski experience.




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Mobile App Developer / Skier



Server Architect / Snowboarder